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Testimony of Healing


I used to get terrible headaches every time we had a weather change to the point where I would have to lie down for hours, till it went away. One day at church I asked my Pastor to pray over me, I felt warmth flowing through my head to me neck and stop for a second then continuing to flow through my chest. I have never had a headache of the magnitude again. I know I was healed after that prayer. Thank you Jesus.



My Life needed Help! Jesus Helped...

Jackie's Testimony


I had always attended church, sang in the Praise and Worship band, and lived a good life, good marriage. Had and glass of wine here and there didn’t feel the need to change anything. I had two failed marriages, parents divorced when I was a young teenager. Somehow managed to tell myself I was fine not broken at all.

What I didn’t realize is the plan God had for me I was too busy driving instead of letting him steer the way. One day my husband and I decided we were moving to a bigger city, God was dealing with me about finding a church when I got to where we were going.  We made the move I walked into The Door Church and my life was forever changed. I accepted Jesus as my lord and savior completely surrendered. Immediately I felt different God began to change my life in ways I would have never imagined. He healed the hurt from the past I didn’t know I was hanging onto, didn’t realize those things could affect you sick in body and mind. He continues to surprise me every day, that everything is possible though him. I’m a mother of two wonderful Sons been married for 16yrs. God has made me a better Wife, Mother, Daughter and Friend. I will never be perfect but though God I will never be alone and I will always have faith.


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